Benefits of Hanging Ab Straps Workout

Published: 08th July 2010
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People who start looking for a supporting tool of abdominal exercise equipment will find praises like this about the hanging ab straps: "hanging work is more effective" or "most productive exercises". Besides: Ab straps are cheap and small. This information is a good reason to have a closer look at the benefits of hanging ab straps

One of the greatest benefits of hanging ab strap training is: You hang. There is no pressure on the back. On the contrary: The spine feels well in the hanging position. The body weight and the gravity give additional resistance during the workout. That makes every rep more effective.

Ab straps are great to train abs and obliques isolated. Put the arms in the straps and stabilize the body. That might not be easy for beginners with weak core muscles. Perform crunches, leg lifts and leg twists slowly and concentrated. Especially the lower abs are better and easier to train with each arm in an ab strap.

Ab straps are small, easy to store and even fit in every luggage. This all is true and great but there is a little disadvantage to keep in mind. The ab straps have to hang somewhere, for example on a standard chin up bar. The bar even can fit in the luggage as well but you have to plan a little bit bigger. Some people might ask: Why do I have to have ab straps, if I need a chin up bar too? I can do the exercises hanging on the bar. Good for them if they can. Most people don't have the power to hold the body with hands and arms during the exercises. The ab strap support makes it easier to keep the body in position.

Abdominal exercises don't need much time. 3 to 5 minutes hanging ab strap training every day gives good results. In short workouts, it strengthens the stomach muscles, shapes the midsection and builds up muscle mass. That is not only good for more power. It is good for basal metabolism, for the bones, for better digestion and weight control as well.

This list of benefits for hanging ab strap workout convinces. And there are more benefits: Ab straps are inexpensive, the workout is safer than crunches on the floor, the exercises can be made at home and in short time. Despite little disadvantages: Hanging ab straps are a perfect solution for many people to tone the body, especially for busy ones.

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