Small Abdominal Exercise Equipment in the Suitcase Ensures Your Regular Workout Routine

Published: 29th March 2011
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The following paragraphs show why you should have ab equipment in the luggage and give you an idea which item might be the best for you. Abdominal exercise equipment for the luggage has to be small, light and nevertheless effective. The ab wheel, ab slings, or a doorway sit up bar fulfil these terms.

More and more people have understood that regular workout is good to stay fit and healthy up until old age. Many people choose abdominal exercises because it is quickly done and very effective. The benefits are better posture, better breathing and better digestion. Long-term benefits are: better BMR, better weight control, a stronger body and better bones. Using devices of ab equipment improves the success.

A problem for many people is that they can not do their daily routine because of travelling, e.g. in business, and have to interrupt their regular workout. They could solve this problem by taking along a small item of exercise equipment. An ab roller wheel, ab slings, or a doorway sit up bar in the luggage could be the right solution for them.

Ab wheels are wheels on a stick. Actually most of them are double ab wheels for better balance. We kneel, grab the stick on both sides and roll forward and back. That works the whole upper body, especially the abdominals. This is difficult for people with weak core muscles. The body can drop down. A good tip for beginners is rolling toward a wall. Stopped by the wall, it is easier to roll back. There are brand ab roller wheels to find on the internet with a diameter of 7 inches, fitting in many suitcases. Disassembled they fit even easier.

Doorway sit up bars are little metal constructions with a bar. They can be fixed at almost every door to be ready to support lower body workout. Even beginners can perform sit ups, crunches and leg raises very well supported by a sit up bar. For the luggage, the sit up bar seems somewhat bulky. But mostly we can screw off the bar and have two pieces for better packing. The best sit up bar for the luggage seems to be the SPRI Pro line sit up bar. Its special design, foot stirrups connected to a cushioned door anchor by a pliable nylon strap, makes it flat and easy to pack.

Ab sling exercises are performed in a hanging position without pressure for back and neck. Gravity and body weight give additional resistance for the workout. On the first view ab slings, also called hanging ab straps, seem to be the best exercise equipment for the luggage. There are very flat ab straps available. But caution: Ab slings need to hang on something before we can hang and workout on them. If there is space enough for a simple doorway chin up bar in the luggage as well, this combo is great.

The doorway sit up bar and the ab roller wheel seem to be the best abdominal exercise equipment for the luggage. Which one is the best for you depends on the fact whether you prefer an upper body or a lower body workout. For travelling by car, all of the introduced items are easily to put in the trunk. All of them are inexpensive. All are great for abdominal exercises at home, on tour and even in the office. Last but not least, for all who would like to start such great exercises here a few tips: Perform concentrated and not hasty, breathe regularly, and in case of health problems double check with the doctor before starting a workout routine.


Ab exercises work the big core muscle group in short time. Using ab equipment makes it more effective. Wilma Lojewski describes how items like ab wheels support and improve the workout.

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